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Local Knowledge makes all the difference.

Bangkok Investigations specialise in Bar Girl Investigations and extend the service to bar ladyboys!

We also investigate NON bar girls and wives visiting Thailand.

Bangkok Investigations is a professional investigation business based in Bangkok. Our service does extend to other areas, but Bangkok is our turf and that's where we will be the most efficient. Our small but water tight team are extremely professional and are all based in Bangkok. We are the first company that is prepared to include investigations involving ladyboys in Bangkok.

Our services include researching the subject, finding them, going to see them at work, finding out anything that may interest the client. All you need to do is send us an email and we will ask you a list of questions to obtain all the facts and strategically suggest the best way of going about it.

Typically a client wants us to check if a particular girl is still frequenting her old work place and or freelancing secretly.

Is YOUR girl behaving?

Bangkok Investigations

We can visit the place of work and also check if the girl is available to bar fine.

We will run these checks on two separate occasions, a few days apart. After which, the information will be relayed back to the client as an email report. Please remember we will tell you the truth and you may not like what you read.

Please note we investigate far more than bar girls - see our typical services page

Why should I pay a Bangkok Investigations company?

One payment to us, and we can either put your mind at ease or save you a big mess in the future, not to mention a lot of money. We offer a discreet, anonymous and fast service. Many people, both male and female, have put themselves at ease with one simple call to us.

Please don't feel threatened or worried about the outcome or contacting us. We deal with every case sensitively and we get results. A payment to us, is a small investment for your future.

We always stay on the right side of the law during our operations. The safety of both our staff and clients is paramount. Any potential breaches of the law or violent situations the operation will be terminated and the service will be brought back into discussion.

Bangkok Investigations Case Studies

Chevvy from Boston had missed his girl on the last day of his visit and wanted to pay her the money he felt he still owed her for the last two days of his trip. He had no photo or phone number or even the name of the bar but we were able to draw another satisfactory conclusion.... Read More

Damien from Liverpool knew that his girlfriend was working bar as her family own several in Pattaya. He was concerned however that she may still be leaving with customers despite her claims that she never did so. This one had a happy ending.... Read More

Kevin McIntosh (Kenilworth, England) rang us as he was sending his girlfriend 25,000 baht a month to take care of her rent, food and families bills. He became concerned when her phone was off and suspected that she was in Bangkok working the bar again Read More

Paul Edwards (New York, US) became suspicious when his girlfriend was demanding more and more money. And she didn't seem to having the life that a girl back in the village should have. He was concerned. Read More

Jason Jefferies (Birmingham, England) emailed us because his girlfriend had been rushed off to hospital in Pattaya and he wasn't sure about paying her bills without knowing if she was there or not.. Read More

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