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Bar Girl and Non Bar Girl checks

Often we are asked to check to see if a girl has other boyfriends, Thai or Farang, or even if she is married already. It is also common in Bangkok for non bar girls to engage in freelancing. Just because you girl has a "good job" in a salon or shop does not mean she is behaving herself in Bangkok.

This can usually be done quickly but can also require longer term surveillance. Whatever the nature of the investigation you require, please just let us know.

The cost of this service is 1000 baht per hour + expenses with a minimum fee of 10,000 baht. 

This service generally covers investigation for an eight hour day as opposed to two bar visits. Longer time is regarded as a surveillance case. Most cases conclude within 10 hours but this usually spreads over several days.

All services can be tailor-made and do not necessarily have to fit these patterns.

The service can apply to both bar girls and non bar girls equally.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements and our fees. Please use our Contact Us Page to let us know what your require.

All "expense" levels are agreed with the customer prior to the enquiry proceeding.


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