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Bangkok Investigations - Bar Girl Investigations

This is the most common service we offer. In most cases it satisfies the clients requirements.

We will visit the girls place of work and find out if she is bar-fineable/dateable. We will pay the bar fine if instructed to do so by the clients although her agreement to bar fine is usually enough for most clients.

If you do wish us to pay the bar fine that will be added to the expenses so not paying will save expenses. If a girl is barfined we will also pay her the agreed fee.

Agreeing a barfine does not necessarily imply she would take matters further but if you know Bangkok you will understand that the implication is there.

We are also able to take her to a hotel if you require all doubt to be removed. However we will NOT under any circumstances engage in sex with the girl. Once in the hotel we receive a phone call and make an excuse to leave. The girl can then remain in the hotel if she chooses.

We will visit the bar on up to two separate occasions and take photographic evidence, wherever possible, that she is there and working.

The cost of this service is 6000 baht + expenses agreed beforehand. This covers up to two trips to the bar should she be unavailable the first time. Any subsequent trips are charged at 6000 baht per day.

All services can be tailor-made and do not necessarily have to fit these patterns.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements and our fees. Please use our Contact Us Page to let us know what your require.

All "expense" levels are agreed with the customer prior to the enquiry proceeding.



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