Case Study 4 


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Case Study 4 - Sponsor concerned his girl was still working.

Kevin McIntosh* rang us as he was sending his girlfriend 25,000 baht a month to take care of her rent, food and families bills. He became concerned when her phone was off and suspected that she was back in Bangkok working the bar again despite her promise to the contrary.

He was getting anxious every night, not knowing what was happening and whether his money was being wasted on a girl who was lying. After a quick search on Google he contacted us and told us exactly what he wanted us to do. We knew it wasn't easy for him and we tried to be as sensitive as possible.

After evaluating his needs and noting all the information he had, we went to her bar and didn't find her. The next day we tried again and this time she was working. As requested we bar fined her and headed for the hotel. On the way to the hotel the PI staff made an excuse and the girl was paid for her time and she went on her way.

The PI staff then wrote a painful report to Mr McIntosh, to be emailed immediately. One can only assume when a lady is not only bar fined but heads for a hotel, she is willing to go the full way. Mr McIntosh was able to re-evaluate his situation and is now better off financially and has now moved on.

*All names have been changed to protect our clients.


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