Case Study 5 


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Case Study 5 - Losing touch with a girl.

Chevvy* from the USA contacted us by email. He had spent the last few days of his holiday with a girl from Soi 7 and thoroughly enjoyed her company. On his last day he had to leave for the airport early and she was no where to be found.

On his return to the USA he wanted to send her the money he felt he owed her for these days but had no picture, phone number or email address. He wasn't even sure what bat she worked at but managed an in depth description that pinned it to a 50 meter area on Soi 7.

We sent a Thai speaking female operative armed with a name, description, tattoo description and the name for her best friend we managed to track down the girl quickly. All that was needed was to get a positive id. We said we were friends of Chevvy from America but at first she didn't remember. She said she knew a guy called Shake and described him well enough to convince us we had hit the spot.

At this point we told her he wanted her telephone number and she happily obliged despite the fact that she did not know yet there was some hard cash involved. We checked the number by calling her on the spot - sure enough a cell phone in her bag rang.

Convinced, we handed over the clients payment and the smile on her face would have lit up Bangkok let alone Soi 7 itself.

Photographs were sent to a happy client of the girl and of her receiving the cash. Also her telephone number.


*All names have been changed to protect our clients.


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