Case Study 6 


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Case Study 6 - investigating a former bar girl who had allegedly left Bangkok

We were contacted by the client who had become suspicious because his girlfriends phone was being switched off frequently.

She had allegedly left a bar in Bangkok and returned to her home in Udon Thani. She was calling her boyfriend every day and he could always hear voices in the background that she told him were her family.

However his suspicions arose when her phone stared to switch off on certain days usually late evening.

We traced her to a bar in Bangkok! It turned out she had gone home but only for a few days and was back working the bar very soon after the client had left Thailand.

He confronted her after receiving our report and she was adamant she was back at home in Udon Thani. Her tears and claims of innocence were such that he contacted us again asking if we were sure we had the right girl.

We gave him a designated cell phone number and returned to the bar. While sitting with the girl we sent the client an SMS message to call us which he did. We then handed the phone to the girl saying our friend wished to talk to her. The client was then able to hear her voice for himself.


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