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Case study 7 - investigating a girl allegedly leaving Bangkok

This case study was submitted by the client. Some "English" has been amended.

"This happened over the last 3 months.

I call her maybe every morning, and noon, and evening, and nights, we talked maybe 1 to 2 hours every day and she always answer, and she never close her phone.

Sometimes I called 30 minit after we finish talk or one hour, no problem she answer and have time to talk never say can you call later, always say "you can call me day and night, i want you to call me day and night".

I have maybe 20 photo MMS she send to me about what she do same time we talk because i ask her to send.

All her life in Nong Khai was made so good up. She much much more clever then you think.

When i ask you to contact her I am not suspisius she was in Bangkok, I was total believe she stay in Nong Khai and i see my self as a clever man, not blind of love okay.

I wanted to know if she have any conact with bar, and if they have her number for other men to contacht her for meet or what ever. To believe she say to me time and time again she never have any contact to her former bar or freinds, make me suspicius because she live with her freinds in Bangkok for more years. (freinds are freinds good or bad)
How she made everything up and stick to her plan is amazing, if i wright to you everything we talked about you not bealive.
Enough to know she in Bangkok not nongkhai as she told me same day you contact her.

I have to say it was not just a call say she stay in nongkhai, no no it was about her daly life, her dorther, her dorther scool, her famely, her new freinds, her new work.
to make me bealive that was amazing, because all the time i know and read about what bargirls can make big lies.

She for sure clever and profesional to pull this off".


In essence the client contacted us because he was concerned she was maintaining friendships with the bar where she used to work and was worried that perhaps she had left means there for other previous customers to contact her.

At the time he fully believed that she was back at home in Nong Khai.

We located the bar where she used to work to get the relevant information only to discover the girl actually IN the bar and working. She was working as normal and was available to bar fine.

The same night we sat with her in the bar she called her boyfriend and insisted she was in the village in Nong Khai. This was clearly impossible despite the fact that she was able to send photos of her in her home. It goes to show how some girls can be very clever about planning the deceptions, no doubt with a little help from friends.

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