Case Study 1 


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Case Study 1 - Sponsor concerned his girl was Bar Fining.

Damien*, from Liverpool, contacted us concerned that his girlfriend of one year was Bar Fining.

He knew she was still working as she looked after one of her family owned bars on 2nd Road Bangkok and had always been open about that. However she had always maintained that she did not leave the bar with customers.

Damien was considering taking her to the UK and needed to set his mind at rest that she was doing what she said.

We visited the bar on two separate occasions, each time spending the majority of the evening there. On both nights she was very popular and was playing pool with various customers. However on both occasions, when asked if we could bar fine her, she declined stating she had a boyfriend in the UK.

We reported our findings by the end of the weekend to a very happy and probably relieved Damien.

Damien's Testimonial

*All names have been changed to protect our clients.



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