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Bangkok Investigations - Ex Bar Girl Investigation

In general this type of investigation concerns girls who have left the bar or claim to have left the bar.

In many cases they have actually returned to the bar despite claiming to be elsewhere. They may also be freelancing.

Usually we find the girl and check where she is now working or living. If she has returned to the bar we will check to see if she is available to bar fine.

The cost of this service is 1,000 baht per hour + expenses with a minimum fee of 10,000 baht

These cases usually conclude within 10 hours but not in all cases. The 10 hours may be spread over days or sometimes even weeks.

* PLEASE NOTE - all our operatives (Farang, Thai, Male and Female) are in stable relationships and we do NOT take the matter beyond entering the hotel room. We will not have sex with the girl concerned. If you require that we would suggest you look elsewhere.

All services can be tailor-made and do not necessarily have to fit these patterns.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements and our fees. Please use our Contact Us Page to let us know what your require.

All "expense" levels are agreed with the customer prior to the enquiry proceeding.



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