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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do you investigate only bar girls and former bar girls?

A - NO! We will investigate all cases except those prohibited on our about us page. Indeed over 50% of all our cases involve girls outside the bar scene.

Q - Do you investigate husbands and boyfriends visiting Thailand or living in Thailand?

A - No! But we can put you in touch with a reputable agency that does if you contact us.

Q - What are your charges?

A - These vary from case to case. Our fees are 6000 baht per day + expenses although long term surveillance cases are by agreement. Please contact us with the details of your case and we will get back to you with a quote.

Q - Do you investigate lady boys?

A - Yes, we are one of the very few agencies who will investigate lady boys and bar boys too.

Q - Do you investigate bar boys?

A - Yes we can!

Q - What are your fees?

A - Typical case fees are 6000 baht + expenses but vary from case to case. See payment page.



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