Case Study 3 


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Case Study 3 - Hospital Fee enquiry.

Jason Jefferies* (Birmingham, England) emailed us because his girlfriend had been rushed off to hospital in Bangkok and he wasn't sure about paying her bills without knowing if she was there or not. We collected as many details as possible and sent one of our female staff to the hospital concerned to deliver some flowers from Jason. We confirmed that she was indeed in hospital and we spoke to the hospital to confirm her illness and asked them how much the bill is likely to come to.

Although the illness was genuine the amounts concerned had been grossly inflated as the girl was in the care of a public hospital. Jason sent the correct money to US by bank transfer and we were able to pay the hospital direct.

Jason also wanted to know if his lady was HIV positive, after asking the doctors to do that test also, it was confirmed she was HIV negative. Jason is extremely happy that his girlfriend was not lying about being ill and we assume forgave the over charge. Jason gave us permission to quote him on this website as follow:-

"I am extremely happy with ....... and ....... at Bangkok Investigations. From the first email they were responsive, polite and suggested to get the HIV check done at which point I decided to include that with my requests. All in all, I am very happy. The results were not exactly what I wanted to hear but the team at PI saved me a lot of money and did not give themselves away".

*All names have been changed to protect our clients.


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