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internet girls BangkokThere are several well documented cases of men (and women) falling in love with Thai ladies over the internet only to find things are not all they initially seemed to be. It may well not be advisable but it happens all the time.

It is not unknown for the person concerned to be sending money to Thai Ladies without having ever actually met them. Again we would never recommend this, but it happens.

One common scam is organised in groups - often mixed male/female but they are well organised and efficient money collectors.

If you are sending money to a girl in Bangkok we can check the following:-

  1. That "she" is indeed female. There are many instances where the "lady" chatting is in fact a man, Thai or even a Westerner pulling a scam.

  2. Check that she is actually single, or at least that her marital status is as she says. Again it is not unusual for your "Thai love" to be married or sharing the cash you send with a Thai or Western boyfriend here.

  3. Check how many other people are sending her money or if you are the only one.

  4. Check her job! If she says she is a school teacher or a waitress - is she really working bar?

  5. Check if she acting alone or as part of an organised "team" - as is often the case.

  6. Check her AGE. At best she might be a lot older than she says and at worse a lot younger. It has been known for school kids, either acting alone or in groups to run this scam and that could be far more trouble for you.

  7. Check her sex of origin - is she one of Bangkok's famous (and beautiful) Ladyboys. Many people cannot tell the difference in person so it would be hard to tell by chat or even webcam. If you have doubts contact us.

If you would like us to run any of the above, or anything else related for that matter, please contact us. There is NO obligation to take matters any further!


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