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For our Pattaya office please visit Pattaya Investigations

For our Bangkok office please visit Bangkok Investigations

Bangkok Private InvestigatorsAs private investigators in Pattaya and Bangkok we specialise in investigations in both areas but can undertake investigations in other areas of Thailand on request. Our head office in Pattaya but we have trained agents in and around Bangkok.

Our fully trained staff are available anytime over a twenty four hour period, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. All our agents are in long term relationships and live locally. All our private investigators speak Thai. We have both male and female operatives, Thai and Farang.

This makes us efficient, resourceful, competitive and most important, more flexible than most other investigation services currently being offered. We run this business from our existing office which means we have one less cost to pass onto our customers. Our offices are based just outside Pattaya but we have active agents in and around Bangkok. If you wish to discuss anything, from quotes to ideas, we are available via the contact page.

You will find our response time reflects the dedication we commit to serving our clients in the most professional manner.

Our Typical Services are outlined here

 Please Note we do not cover the following

- We do not investigate errant husband/boyfriends!

- Anything related to large sums of money.
- Intellectual property.
- Surveillance inside private property (public area only).
- Hack or collect passwords, unless its the clients computer.
- Investigating a love competitors name and details.
- Obtaining bank details.
- Espionage with business competitors.
- Politicians or police enquiries.
- Finding information on friends/rivals to blackmail them.
- Finally, anything spiritual or abnormal.



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