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Surveillance Cases

Each surveillance case is different therefore we need to know all the details first to tailor the operation for its needs. For example a successful surveillance on an individual opposed to property, can take around 6 people to successfully not be seen.

Luckily in Thailand motor-bikes are common and they are the most successful transportation to carry out our duties.

Almost all surveillance is carried out by Thais, but led by a foreigner.

We will do our best to keep to the price we quote, but as with all surveillance and investigations, we find unexpected charges, such as the subject entering premises with a fee to enter, or going into a cafe / nightclub.

We do our best to highlight expected costs, guaranteed costs and unexpected potential costs etc We will also stick to a limit you set. Both with time and monetary limit.

Base cost for surveillance is 1,000 baht per hour plus expenses. There is a minimum fee payable of 10,000 baht. many cases complete within 10 hours, spread over several days, but this depends on the level of complication and how simple it is to locate the girl in the first place.

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