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review...16 /2 /2008.... Pattaya-investigations is a very professional company, I asked them to check up on a girl I have been with for 1 year to see if see was cheating on me. As it happens she was not . Now I am going to ask her to come back to the UK with me. This is a happy ending for me and didn't cost the earth. If you have any worries like i did, use this company, I highly recommend them. Thank you again for putting my mind to rest, regards Damien - Liverpool.

review...21 /2 /2008.... I contacted Pattaya bar girl investigations and on the same day they went to see if my girlfriend had gone to her friends party alone or not. Thankfully I got the payment to them quickly and they acted fast, lets just say its not a happy ending for her. The next day I contacted another girl, happy ending for me! Cheers PI your the bomb

review...21 /2 /2008.... I was asked for an honest review so here goes:

I was dating a girl for 6 months and she worked in a hotel in soi 8. She asked me if I could take care of her. I didn't know if she was seeing the guests at the hotel, so I contacted Pattaya Investigations and asked them to go into the hotel several times to get to know her and to see if she was prepared to go out for a meal or back to hotel for sex. Luckily for me, it was confirmed by the investigation team that she would not do so as she has a boyfriend, it was money well spent, now I can take care of her knowing that she isn't sleeping around.

review...18 /3 /2008....

I had an unpaid debt to a friend in Thailand , however I had lost their contact info. I was wary of sending money overseas for a service like this but P.I. certainly put any worries to rest. Using the information I provided P.I. located my friend, took great care in Identifying them and transferred my payment. All done with professionalism and at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend this service. Thanks PI !


review...21 / 07 / 2009.... (some English amended from clients original)

I can say to you your help was super quick and excellent. Professional for sure, and I am greatful I contacted you. If you not have help me to find out the truth, impossible to know from here that was, how clever she was.
And thanks  again, I am fine now. My advice to other , contact Pattaya Investigations if you want to be sure lady is good or not. Better for you and the lady.


*All names are changed to protect our clients and for obvious reasons we cannot give out email or contact details.


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