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Please Note - These services are typical investigations. However we investigate far more than "bar girls" including shop workers, wives visiting Thailand etc. Indeed we will undertake most investigations apart from those listed on our About Us page.

If your case does not fit these categories don't worry, please feel free to contact us and simply tell us what you require. We will get back to you to let you know if it can be done and the costs involved.

Bar Girl Investigation.

We will visit the ladies bar and see if she is working and barfineable.(Bangkok Investigators are fluent in Thai). This applies mainly where the girl is still working the bar but claims she is no longer available to be bar fined. This is the commonest type of investigation we carry out. Further information Bar Girl Investigations.


Ex Bar Girl Investigation

In many cases girls have claimed to have quit working the bar completely. This is often not the case (see case studies). We can contact the girl and firn out where she is and/or visit the bar to see if she has returned. Further information Ex Bar Girl Investigations.


Bar and Non Bar Girl checks.

Often we are asked to check to see if a girl has other boyfriends, Thai or Farang, or even if she is married already. This can usually be done quickly but can also require longer term surveillance (see below). Whatever the nature of the investigation you require, please just let us know. Further information Non Bar Girl Investigation.


Surveillance Service

Our Surveillance prices vary due to the nature of the work, please enquire with as much details as possible for an accurate quotation. Surveillance cases last as long as you, the client, instruct. Further information Bangkok Surveillance.


Bar Owners Service

We offer a discreet surveillance service for Bar Owners who are suspicious that a member of staff may be fiddling or arranging liaisons outside work. Further Information.


Hospital Service

We can visit a lady/boy to check if they are in hospital or require hospital treatment. Further Information. Check if the case is genuine and if needed sort all the payments out direct to the hospital concerned, after the funds have been transferred into our UK bank account.

Internet Service

Checking that the person you are chatting with, and maybe considering sending money to, is who they claim to be. Further Information


Cash Transfer Service

If you are sending money to a girl by Western Union we can help ensure the resipient is actually the person you believe you are sending money to. Likewise we can show the recipient how to collect from a Western Union office if she is unsure. Further information Cash Transfer Service.



Please note these are guidelines and examples of service offered, we can tailor needs and prices subject to clients requirements. For further information or a quote please email us


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